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How High Should I Install My 600 Watt Grow Light?

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There are several things you must take into account when you are ready to install a 600 watt grow light.  The first is to make sure that you have enough clearance for your light to be the correct distance from your plants.  Plants that will reach three to four feet in height, such as tomatoes, must have enough space for the top of the leaves to be at least four feet from the light.  This lets your plants grow to their full height, without the dangers associated with overgrowing your lights.

There are two different dangers that you have to take into account, when keeping the clearance of your lights far enough away from your plants.  The first danger is that the plant will grow high enough to touch the light, which can burn the leaves or short out the bulb.  The second danger is that the plant will grow taller than the lights, putting the top part of the plant in darkness and stunting the growth of the entire plant.

Do I Need Everything that Comes in a 600 Watt Grow Light Kit?

Our 600 watt grow light kits come with several different things, and most of them you will need, when you install the lights.  The first is the Cool Tube Hood, which is what holds the light in place and provides a reflective surface so that the rays from the lamp are not directed around the room, but directly at the plants.  The second is the ceramic socket, which has a longer life than metal sockets and is more resistant to the heat produced by the light.  You also get a timer, which, while not always needed, is a great way to ensure that your plants always get the correct amount of light, even if you are at work or away from home.

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