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How Many Tattoo Guns Do I Need in My Shop?

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A good rule of thumb is that you should have one tattoo gun for every artist you have working in your shop.  This allows each person to have his or her own personal piece of equipment.  This means they will not have to worry that the setting has been changed on their gun when they are not at work.  This also makes each employee responsible for cleaning their own equipment, which is a great way for a manager to give responsibility to the employees, for their client’s safety.  This is also great, if you have trainees in the shop, because the trainer can make them use their own gun.  This lets them get used to the feel and action of their gun and allows them to make any adjustments while under the guidance of an experienced artist.

Should I Have any Extra Tattoo Guns?

If you have ten employees, you may want to have thirteen tattoo guns in your shop.  The reason for this overage is that guns do break.  While an artist is waiting for their gun to return from getting repairs, he or she will be able to use a different gun that is owned by the shop.  This eliminates the problem of losing clients or having to reschedule appointments, because of damage to a piece of equipment.

We also suggest that you have each employee purchase his or her own gun.  This gives them a sense of ownership in the business and, also, makes them more responsible for the equipment.  If they own the gun, they are more likely to take care of it, so that they can keep earning money from their art.

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