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Reasons to have Multiple Grow Tents

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Even homeowners who want to get an early start on growing their garden may want to have multiple grow tents.  This is because different plants have different needs.  Some plants grow better in direct sunlight, so these need more heat and light.  Others grow best in the shade, so they will need less light.  Instead of trying to balance everything inside one tent, you could have several.  One for each type of plant you are going to grow in your garden.

Are Multiple Grow Tents Expensive?

Multiple grow tents could be expensive except you are visiting our website.  We offer discounts of 50 to 65 percent off our complete line of tents.  This means you could purchase two tents for the same price as one in a retail store.  You can even share them with your friends and neighbors.  For example, if you have one for tomatoes the let them also start their fruits in your tent.  You could each purchase two and share them so that everyone gets the benefit of an early garden with the headache of bankruptcy.

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