Beginner DYI At-Home Pole Installation


Now is a better time than any to work on that summer body! The problem is, most work-outs are boring, repetitive, and simply hard to get into. That’s why the art of pole dancing at home has become a popular method of exercise. TheLAShop is up to date with the trend and wants you to know how easy it is to install a removable dance pole in your own home.   

Why Should I Install a Dance Pole?

Using a dance pole is an extremely entertaining way to get a full-body workout. There are many routines you can learn that will not only give you a great cardiovascular and core workout but entertain your friends and loved ones as well.

Of course, you have to be able to choose the right dance pole for your apartment or home. Nowadays, most dance pole can be easily installed and removed in a matter of minutes. Take a look at our comprehensive guide on installing your spinning and static exotic dance pole.  

How to Install Your Spinning Static Dance Pole

Step 1.

First, using a measuring device such as a ruler or phone application, record the distance between the ceiling and the floor of the room you are installing your pole in. Depending on the distance, you may need to add the pole extensions pole D, C, or both for a comfortable fit. Don’t worry, these extensions are included in the package. 

Step 2. 

Twist the screws on both sides of the iron cover to take out the adapter. Be sure not to lose the adapter or the screws because you will need them later. Cover the pole with the iron cover and slide it down all the way to the base. 

Step 3.

Attach Pole B to Pole C by simply slipping them together. 

Step 4. 

Rotate the preinstalled iron nut in Pole A until it is removed from its setting. 

Step 5.

Turn Pole A’s black center pole anti-clockwise to extend it until the small hole is revealed. 

Step 6.   

 Reinstall the iron nut back onto Pole A. 

Step 7.

Add the adapter like shown in the picture above. 

Step 8.

Attach Pole A to Pole B 

Step 9.

Attach the upper dome to the top of your dance pole. 

Step 10. 

For this step, you may need a little assistance from a friend. Have them hold the dance pole as you attach the two iron rods. Be sure to align Pole A’s tiny black center hole into a locking position. Use them as a lever to rotate the black center pole anti-clockwise and the iron but clockwise. Rotate the pieces until the pole fits securely between the ceiling and floor. 

Step 11.

Use the iron rod to tighten each section of the pole. 

Step 12. 

Slide the iron cover from the base to the upper dome and lastly fasten it on the adapter with the two screws.     

Get Fit For the Summer With TheLAShop

Why go to the gym if you can work out from home? There’s no excuse, especially if your work out is fun and can be a very entertaining party trick!

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