How To Create Your Free Pole Dancing For Beginners Routine

Admit it, most of us are impressed with the skill of an experienced performer. Since its conception in early India and China, pole dancing has captivated the eyes of millions as performers seamlessly defy gravity and carry out stunts of strength and flexibility.

Its origin finds itself rooted in mallakhamb, a traditional sport that involved aerial postures, wrestling, and of course, pole dancing and climbing. These feats are often dangerous and require years of training.

Let's start of simpler. 

Times have changed and more people are easily installing dance poles in their homes for exercise and entertainment purposes. Dance poles aren't expensive or hard to get. Your routines do not have to be difficult or require alot of strength to execute. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

    • Do not pick a song you can not handle. Whether the song is too fast or too slow be sure to go at your own pace to reduce the risk of injury 
    • Personality is everything. Remember that personality is everything when it comes to creating the perfect dance 
    • Dancing is all about confidence. Combine your favorite dance moves and only the pole moves you can easily perform into your routine. Showtime is not the moment to practice difficult tricks or moves. Listed below are a few simple moves that can easily be added to any routine. 

        Beginner Static Pole Moves 

        The Closed Leg Spin. If you’re going to own a dance pole, the first thing you’re going to have to learn is how to spin! The closed leg-spin is one of the simplest spins every dancer should learn. 

        1. Hold the pole with your dominant hand and walk around once to gain momentum. 
        2. Once you’ve reached the spot you’ve started at, give a small hop and grab on to the pole with your other hand. Your thumbs should be facing opposite directions as you do this. 
        3. Hold on tight and let momentum and gravity carry you around the pole 

         The V Leg Spin. This is a popular dance move that you have likely seen before. It is a standard move that can easily be worked into routines. Here is how you get started. 

        1. From your starting position, take a hold of the pole and walk around once to gain momentum. 
        2. After you’ve gained enough momentum, give a small hop as you grab on to the pole with your other hand. For a stronger stance, make sure that the thumb closer to the ground is facing the ground, and the thumb that is higher on the pole should be facing the ceiling. 
        3. Hold on tight and let the momentum and gravity carry you around the pole. 
        4. You can easily use this move to transition to an upside-down position

        The Human Flag Pole. The Human Flag pole is not a move only seen in the entertainment industry, but the fitness realm as well. They are made by using your top hand in an overhand grip position and the bottom hand in a unhand of grip or opposition position. While there are many variations of this move, performs usually feel comfortable, experiencing, or using their elbows to balance their torso. 

        Pole climbing. Pole climbing is a basic move that most dancers incorporate into their routines. Climbing a dance pole is simple, but requires a lot of upper body strength. Practice climbing the pole by grabbing the pole with both hands, thumbs facing upward. 

        Use your inner thighs to edge yourself up the pole. This takes practice as the skin on the inner thigh can be sensitive to rubbing. 

        Advanced Pole Climbing. Once you are comfortable climbing the pole, you are now ready for some advanced pole climbing technique. These moves aren't suggested if you are wearing high heels or difficult footwear as they require placing the foot on a slant and using it to push yourself to higher levels. Once you've reached your desired height, use the top of one foot to steer and the flat of your other foot as a brake. 

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        Choosing Your Dance Pole

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        How to Install Your Spinning Dance Pole

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        Let Your Confidence Shine Through 

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