Beginner’s Guide | 6 Tips On Becoming a Successful Makeup Artist  

Dreaming of taking your lipstick obsession to the next level? Becoming a makeup artist can be a rewarding occupation for many people looking to break into the cosmetology industry. However, starting your career can be a challenging journey, especially if you live in competitive cities like Los Angeles or New York. We have compiled this beginner’s guide to ensure you have the right tools to achieve success. 


No one has become a master without practice. Makeup artists, like every creator, must be skilled in their profession. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, an artist must be able to expertly repeat results and modify their technique based on their customer’s request. The more you broaden your scope of knowledge the more you can satisfy a wide range of clients.         

Learn From Others

Applying makeup is an art, therefore it is imperative that you learn from and get inspired by others. Whether it be a friend, beauty vlogger, or magazine you can always benefit from new perspectives and styles. Stay attuned to current trends and fashions so you can keep you ahead of the game and be well-informed. 

Find Out What Makes You Unique

Watch your competition and learn what they are doing. Understand what your competitors offer as well as their price points and market strategies. Present a better value to your clients. After all, why should they choose you over the competition? Points of differentiation can include:

  1. Quality of work
  2. Willingness to travel 
  3. Freebees 
  4. Price points 
  5. Special event or bulk deals    
  6. Unique or adaptative style 

Market Yourself 

Marketing yourself has become much easier due to the internet and social media. When you showcase your skill on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube you build an online portfolio that is accessible to millions of users. The more your work is exposed to others, the more your clientele will grow.  

Take Your Career Into Your Own Hands 

Consider adding to your knowledge by attending a beauty school or obtaining a degree in cosmetology. Some states may require special operating licenses, so be sure to check the legality in your city. 

Accept whatever work you can, especially if you’re a beginner. Some professional opportunities may require more experience so it is important to get it where you can. Build your resume and keep a positive attitude as you climb the industry ladder. 

Stay Organized and Be Prepared for Everything  

As a makeup artist, you know how easy it can be to misplace cosmetics, create a mess, or break delicate styling tools. Staying organized is directly correlated to how you perform and appear to your clients. Regardless of what tools you have, start with a neat and professional makeup case

Let’s Get Started 

You never know where your makeup adventure may take you so it is important to begin your career with a makeup case that is customizable and durable. TheLAShop offers a myriad of reliable and affordable design tools that will help you not only begin your career but succeed at it as well.