Signs That Your Pet Loves You

You know that you love your pet. However, depending on the pet it may be difficult to tell if they love you back or if they’re just using you for food. For years, this has boggled the minds of many pet owners.

Luckily there are ways to tell whether your pet loves you back and ways to get them to love you more. TheLAShop is here for you with our guide on how to get our pet to love you even more. 

How to Tell if Your Dog Love You 

Dogs are particularly bred to be friendly towards humans, so if trained correctly, most of them will inherently respond fondly toward humans. Naturally, they tend to be loyal and protective, but does that mean that they love you?

Here are some signs that your dog trusts and love you: 

  1. Long sustained eye contact 
  2. Sleeping near you 
  3. They enjoy things with your scent on it like socks or underwear
  4. They check up on you or check in with you periodically in the house or when outside
  5. They seek physical contact 
  6. Submissive urination 

      Submissive urination can be a huge problem with many dogs, especially with puppies. It usually occurs when your dog first sees you. Your dog may urinate a little bit out of excitement when you first get home.

      This does not mean they have a potty training problem, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. A great way to remedy this is to block off your dog off into a certain room and allow the dog to grow out of it.


      Use a folding gate barrier to keep your dog in a room where the urination is easy to clean. 

      Cat Signs of Affection 

      Due to a cat’s independent and aloof nature, it may be difficult to judge its emotions. As a matter of fact, there have been studies that suggest that if your cat was larger then it may try to eat you. We’ve all seen Tiger King, and the unpredictable behaviors cats can exhibit in general. Though some cats can be friendly, there are others that are angry and violent. Here is how to tell if your cat loves you:

      1. Your cat grooms you 
      2. Your cat head butts you 
      3. They give you “gifts”, leave you pests or treats in your bed or room 
      4. Sleeps on you 
      5. They meow at you

        Trust is very important to every relationship but how do you know if your pet trusts you?  

        Unlike dogs, cats might take some time to get used to the family and the household. Until then it is not uncommon for them to lash out and cause serious damage with their sharp teeth and nails. If your cat needs some time to adjust, it is a good idea to put them in a cat cage. Give them some time to realize that they are safe in the house and with your family. 

        Does Your Pet Bird Love You?   

        Bird temperaments vary depending on species. However, there are general ways to tell if your bird likes you or not. 

        1. Your bird cuddles with you or sits on your finger/shoulder 
        2. It sings, purrs, or squawks when it sees you 
        3. Keeps a bold body langue around you 
        4. Your bird flaps its wings around you but doesn’t fly away 

          To get a bird to trust you, you have to make it feel comfortable. Make sure that your bird has a large enough cage with enough room to hide. Birds also need stimulation.

           Improve your bird’s mood by offering toys and play stations. Hiding treats inside of the obstacle course is a great way to keep a bird’s brain active. 

          Bonding with your pet could take some and patience, however, the rewards are priceless. Spoil your pet a little more and show that you love them and eventually they will show the love in return. Check out the rest of theLAShop’s pet collection and learn how much you can save today.