Summer Gardening Trends 

Like the frame around a painting, your garden compliments your home. Your front yard needs to be warm and inviting. A great way to introduce your home is by planting a lively garden in the front. TheLAShop is here to help you upgrade your yard with these tips on keeping a beautiful garden. 


There is no strict rule that pertains to how often you should water your garden. It all depends on the climate. For dryer climates, it is suggested that you water your garden at least once or twice a week. If you live in an area that is colder or rains often you may not need to water as much. It is important to test your garden’s soil before you water it. If the soil is damp then your garden doesn’t need to be watered. 

When you do water your garden, make it as seamless as possible by using a well manufactured retractable garden hose. The garden hose you choose is important because it affects the health of your garden. When you choose your garden hose you should consider the following:      

  1. The size of your yard and length of your hose
  2. Water pressure 
  3. Easy storage 

Decorate Appropriately

Choosing the right decorations are key to a happy garden. While some choose to use garden gnomes we suggest duo-purpose decorations like our solar-powered LED windchime. When you use items that have multiple purposes you can save space. A solar-powered LED light is a great way to illuminate your yard without worrying about changing batteries or plugging it in.   

Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass can keep your yard looking neat. Cover dirt patches and unsavory eyesores with artificial grass. Lining your garden with synthetic grass will save you time and upkeep. 

Raised Garden Bed  

Raised flower beds are becoming more popular because they can protect the plants from pests. Use these raised planters to grow low-water plants such as lavender and rosemary. Keep your garden weed-free with landscape fabric so you don’t have to continuously check your yard for unwanted plants. 

Plant with a Purpose 

Pair your plants with purpose. Whether you are using plants to naturally repel pests or add fragrance to the air choose your plants carefully. Be sure to research proper pairings and care tips for each plant before you decided to buy as some plants may require more care. 

The entrance of your home is the first impression visitors and neighbors get so be sure to give a healthy effort in keeping it looking great. TheLAShop is here for you with our lovely outdoor collection. Shop now for your home and garden supplies and save 10% on orders $200 or more with coupon code LASSH10!