National Unplug Day | How To Stay Busy When You’re UnPlugged

Many modern-day people, especially those living in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles, can not imagine a day without electricity. Electrical power has woven its way into our everyday life and has influenced the way we eat, communicate, and entertain ourselves. However, much of this power is wasted as it has been proven that even turned off plugged-in devices can absorb an extreme amount of energy, which ultimately is not good for the environment. This National Unplug Day (March 6, 2020), TheLAShop explains what devices you should unplug, and what you could do as a healthy alternative.     

Turn Off Your Televisions, View the World


According to the Nielson study, the average American watches about 6 hours of television a day. With additional accessories such as speakers and cable boxes, energy usage can surge, even when the devices are turned off. Instead of watching television this March, 6th, 2020, we suggest getting your viewing pleasure in a different way. 

TheLAShop offers our 70mm Astronomical Refractor Telescope and our 50mm Binoculars. These professional quality viewing accessories will help you to explore the beauty in this world and the mysteries of the world beyond! 

Trade-in Your Online Games For Real Life Ones 

More than 65% of American adults play digital games. It’s National Unplug Day, so this time to unplug your desktops, laptops, and smartphones! Outside activities have been proven to reduce stress, decrease weight, and improve overall happiness.    

TheLAShop encourages outside activities such as riding a unicycle or joining a sport’s team. Picking up a unique hobby such as archery can improve your focus, patience, hand flexibility and help you burn calories.     

Enjoy Outside Activities  

From watching movies online to playing games or checking out the news, many Americans use their laptops and computers inside the home. However, there are many other ways you can enjoy the day that do not include absorbing grandiose amounts of electricity. Such activities include scavenger hunting and camping. TheLAShop provides everything from metal detectors to camper tents to ensure the perfect experience outside! 

Why You Should Unplug Your Devices     

Studies have shown that an average of 70 home devices absorb almost the same amount of energy whether they are in use or not. This is called “phantom” or “vampire energy” and can cost an extra $165 per U.S household a year which can cost the states billions of dollars in wasted energy. States like Northern California, have been cited for wasting an average of 23% of their energy on turned off, or sleeping devices. 


TheLAShop believes in a bright future but with low energy costs. That’s why this National Unplug Day we invite you to unplug your devices and take a deeper look at the world around you. Be sure to check out the deals on our solar panel lighting systems and fully rechargeable battery kits on our website.