Fun Activities you can Do with Your Pet 

As summer comes to a slow and relaxing end, many of us are trying to squeeze out that last bit of sunshine in the most meaningful way possible- with our pets! No one loves the great outdoors more than your family pet. Though they’ve probably seen a lot of you this summer, kids are returning to school and businesses are beginning to reopen, so the quality time you spend with your pet may be limited in the near future. Make the best out of the summer you have left with theLAShop’s guide to enjoying the outdoors with your pet! 

Take Your Dog For a Hike 

It is no secret that dogs love the great outdoors! During hikes, dogs enjoy chasing squirrels and digging up raw onions! Taking your dog on a hike is the perfect way to get exercise while giving your dog the right amount of mental stimulation. This is because there are not many distractions such as other dogs, cars, or people, and hikes provide plenty of natural toys to play with such as pine cones and sticks.

Go For a Stroll with your Kitty 

Believe it or not, you can actually take your cat on a walk, even if your cat is an inside feline! Though they may not enjoy leashes, many cats will seize the opportunity to go for a stroll around the park! Most cat owners can be seen using pet strollers or pet backpacks, to give their pets a breath of fresh air and a tour around the park. 

Boating with Birds 

At first, this concept may seem a little strange until you realize that people have been boating with their pet birds for hundreds of years- just ask any pirate and their parrot! That is because birds are easy to care for, room, and feed while on long trips out to sea. This is also because there are not many distractions such as trees for the bird to land on, so it is a great way to give your bird exercise and ensure it will return to you.

However, if you’re nervous, then we would recommend using a bird harness. Bird harnesses can be found in many sizes and be used much like a dog’s leash. Feel comfortable, allowing your bird to enjoy the outside while staying secure and within arm’s length. 

A Beach Day 

From felines, canines, and even birds, lots of pets enjoy the open freedom and salty fresh air of the beach! Pet owners are learning more that their finicky felines may enjoy a quick swim from time to time. Videos of cats enjoying beach activities are surging on Youtube and other social media platforms! Take your pet outside, but always ensure safety first. 

More than likely, this summer is going to be different from any that we’ve ever experienced. Let’s make the best of it! TheLAShop wants to help you and your family adjust as seamlessly as possible. Join theLAShop Rewards Membership Program to earn points and save money on purchases on home essentials. Don't forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram for information on the latest deals, freebies, contests, and more!