An Inspiring Guide to Easy Backyard Camping

Backyard camping party ideas, thelashopThis summer, camping is going to be a bit different. Due to the closure of major camping grounds, it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy the outdoors in safe, legal spaces. Though the idea of roughing it in uncharted territories may sound appealing at first, it is actually quite dangerous due to wild animals, or lack of help if unpredictable emergencies arise. 

All National State Parks are taking precautions during these challenging times. Most parks are closed or limiting the number of visitors allowed in at a single period. As the new normal commences, parks are beginning to reopen slowly. However, due to the backup of thousands of summer wilderness hobbyists, many campers have been waitlisted, and it could be quite some time before they get the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. 

With a little creativity, you can get the full benefits of a camping experience from your own backyard! Here are theLAShop’s camping tips that will make your backyard camping experience unforgettable. 

Backyard camping party ideas, thelashop

Backyard Camping Ideas for Families 

Camping is a fantastic way to bond with nature, but also get close to your family! Families come in many forms, and it can be challenging to please everyone. If your family has a lot of children, you may want to consider turning your backyard into an amusement park. If not, stick to activities that engage the entire family. Here are a few fun suggestions that will entertain the whole family. 

Winspin Camp Stories. No camping experience is complete without the traditional telling of a fireside story. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows around a fire, or just sitting in a circle passing a flashlight, telling camp stories is a great way to pass the time, and get everyone involved. Use a Winspin Prize Wheel to: 

  1. Get every member of the family to write in a topic or theme on each panel of the spin wheel 
  2. Have a member spin the wheel, and tell a ghost story surrounding the topic the spin wheel lands on
  3. Once every member has told their story, vote for the best, and offer the winner a delicious camping treat as a prize! 

Scavenger hunt. Plan a scavenger hunt! Your backyard is a safe space, so why not explore it! Keep kids busy by hiding their favorite items and timing their hunting skills! 

Arts and Crafts. Spending time outside is the perfect excuse to rediscover arts and crafts! Paint flower pots, picture frames, birdhouses, decorate your fish tank with custom, homemade items,  or any other creative home features your family can think of!

Include your family pets. There is no reason Fido can’t join you in the adventure! There are many ways you can include your family pets in your outdoor home activities! 

Romantic backyard camping, thelashop

Secrets to Romantic Backyard Camping 

Camping is not only for the kids and the family, but it can also be a romantic adventure if you have the right plan and camping checklist. To plan the proper romantic backyard camping getaway, you have to focus on your favorite creature comforts and use them to craft the perfect atmosphere. 

Here are some essential items, you’re going to need for your romantic camping experience: 

  • Tent in the backyard built for two. Get close with your partner with this cuddly camping bed tent. The off the ground feature will keep you safe from moisture and ground-dwelling bugs while the mesh windows will allow for perfect airflow while blocking out flies and other insects. 
  • Romantic backyard camping, thelashop
  • Romantic Lighting. Nothing sets the mood like romantic lighting. An advantage to backyard camping is that you can hang string lighting, practically anywhere, if you have a few extension cords. Use a combination of torches, candles, and artificial lights to create a safe and amorous atmosphere.
  • Create the perfect menu. Use a snow cone maker to build the classic, refreshing outdoor cocktail quickly 
  • Try to keep foods light and lean by offering suggestions such as cheese plates or charcuterie. 
  • Backyard Camping Recipes to Consider  

    Camping is the time to spend with your family, so you don’t want to spend too much time cooking. A compact deep fryer is a great way to prepare delicious meals in a matter of minutes. Children love these deep-fried treat recipes, but there are a few camp-themed items you can make with a deep fryer. Get creative try deep-frying: 

    1. Flour padded ice cream balls
    2. Lightly floured and battered avocado 
    3. Cookie dough 
    4. Bacon 
    5. Pizza 
    6. Beer
    7. Smores 

    Camping checklists, thelashop

    No-Nonsense Camping Checklist

    Whether you’re planning a backyard camping birthday party, or just need an excuse to get out of the house, avoid disasters that can ruin your party. These are the camping need to have items:

      1. Camping tent
      2. Sunscreen 
      3. Insect repellent and insect repellent candles 
      4. Lighter and lighter fuel 
      5. Hiking Backpack 
      6. Electric Heated Lunch Box and Hot-Cold Thermal Water Bottle
      7. First aid kit
      8. Battery operated fan
      9. Flashlight
      10. Universal battery for cell-phone and general device charging 

    Backyard camp, thelashop

    Camping in the Backyard

    Backyard camping is a safe and fun way to get some fresh air, bond with your family, and enjoy nature. While you’re at it, join theLAShop Rewards Membership Program to earn points and save money on purchases on home essentials. Don't forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram for information on the latest deals, freebies, contests, and more!