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Starting your new Garden with Hydroponics

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It is easy to start your new garden with hydroponics.  All you need is a fertilizer solution and a grow tent.  You can start the seedlings by suspending them slightly above the water so that the bottom of the seed just touches the solution.  Then you wait for the roots to develop and anchor the plant so that the roots are growing into the water.  After they plants are established, you can continue to grow them in the solution or you can transplant them into the soil of your regular garden.

What type of Light do you need with Hydroponics

The type of light you have for your hydroponics depends on the type of plant.  Unless your grow tent is exposed to sunlight, you will have to depend on artificial light to start your plants.  The most inexpensive method of grown plants with a grow light is to use LED lights.  These lights use the least amount of electricity and they can be adjusted to emit blue or red light as needed.

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