Contents of Tattoo Gun Kits


Tattoo gun kits come with a variety of different components.  The first is the gun itself, but they may also come with a supply of disposable needles and enough ink to do your first 10 or 20 tattoos.  You may even have a supply of practice skin that lets you experiment with your new gun before you start to use it on clients.  To see everything in one of these kits, visit The LA Shop online.


How Many Tattoo Gun Kits should I buy.


If you have a shop that has three artists, then you should purchase three different tattoo gun kits.  If you are going to work alone, then you only need one kit to start working.  You should always adjust the number of guns to match the number of artists working in your tattoo shop.  If you have more artists than guns available, you may have to have certain artists rotate schedules so that they can share a gun with another artist.

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