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Tattoo Gun Starter Kit

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Choosing the right Tattoo Gun Starter Kit


When you start your own tattoo business, you need to find a tattoo gun starter kit that has enough guns for your entire staff.  The kits available from The LA Shop come with one, two, three, or four guns.  This can accommodate a shop with multiple employees and the number of guns needed can be adjusted to fit the number of employees by rotating shifts.  You should also choose a kit that has enough needles and ink to get your business up and running.


What is in a Tattoo Gun Starter Kit?


The first piece in a tattoo gun starter kit is the gun itself.  It also comes with a supply of disposable needles and ink.  It should also contain ink cups so that you can use the same bottle on multiple clients.  There may even be a piece of practice material available so you can learn how to use your new gun before you start working on live clients.

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