2021 Virtual New Year's Eve 

Throughout the years, we’ve gotten used to celebrating the end of the year with a huge New Years’ Eve bash where we can get together and close out the year. Due to physical distancing guidelines celebrating the birth of 2021 will be very different. This year it helps to be creative! Step into the future with theLAShop, and let us show you how to plan the perfect virtual New Year’s Eve party.   

For many of us, the holidays are significant this year due to strict physical distancing guidelines. Stay-at-home orders have asked us to limit the amount of time we spend with our friends and families, leaving us feeling more lonely than ever. Though this time has been challenging, it is the perfect opportunity to get some rest, reflect, and rest. 

Get Dressed up and Decorate for 2021

Every New Year’s Eve deserves a little glitter! Nothing sets the mood like a bit of decoration. If you’re like most of us, you are staying at home makes it easy to stay in your pajamas. Dressing up in festive clothing can change your entire attitude and make you feel anew, mostly since most of us have spent a significant amount of time inside.   

This year, setup up your decorations easily. Using a smart light LED light strip is the perfect way to add that flash of decor to any room. Connect to your smartphone or device to have access to over 16 million colors! 

Have a Zoom Dance Party

Just because we’re focused on staying apart doesn’t mean we still can’t be together. Nowadays, using technology such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, you can easily connect with your loved ones using Zoom or FaceTime applications.

Set up your camera in a neat part of your home and use an intense ring light to ensure the perfect amount of exposure so your party guests can see you! 







Make a Vision Board 

 This year, we’ve had a lot of time to reflect, and now is the perfect opportunity to plan and look toward the future. At your Zoom party, consider planning group activities such as vision board creation. Simply gather some magazines, cut out the images, and glue them onto your cardstock! If magazines and newspapers are unavailable, simply use free images from websites such as Canva and Pixabay. 

Plan Visual Games


Keep all of your party guests entertained with visual games! A tremendous customizable tool that’ll keep everyone’s attention is a WinSpin prize wheel! With a WinSpin prize wheel, you can customize any game to your audience’s interest and age range. Play Truth or Dare, Trivia, Charades, or any after-hours adult drinking game you could think of.    

Simply Enjoy Company 

zoom, thelashop

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. In 2021 it is more important than ever to spend time with the ones we love. Connect with your family and friends virtually this year. 

Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

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