Creative Christmas Snacks and Treats

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Christmas 2020 is going to be different this year, so enjoy it with some deep-fried snacks! Tabletop deep fryers are great because they can quickly and effectively cook a myriad of delicious treats in a matter of seconds.

TheLAShop knows how great food can bond your family and elevate any mood! There are many different treats you can make with a deep fryer including vegetarian options.Take a look at our scrumptious festive recipes you can try with a heavy-duty, countertop deep fryer!      

Christmas Wreath Pretzels 


Christmas wreaths are a traditional staple in many American homes during the holiday season! Bring the custom into your kitchen with these deep-fried Christmas wreath pretzels! Here’s how you get started! 


  • Sugar, 50 Gram (¼ Cup)
  • Warm milk, 250 Milliliter (1 Cup At 110 F / 43 °C)
  • Active dry yeast, 1/2 Ounce (2 Packages)
  • All-purpose flour, 500 Gram (3 1/3 Cup)
  • Salt,1/2 Teaspoon
  • Margarine,100 Gram (7 Tablespoon)
  • Egg, 1
  • Grated lemon peel
  • 1/2 Tablespoon (Peel Of 1/2 Lemon)
  • Ground allspice,2 Pinch
  • Ground ginger,2 Pinch
  • Oil,2 cup (32 tbs) (For Frying)
  • Sugar, 1 Tablespoon

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  1. First, stir one teaspoon of sugar into the warm milk and add the yeast.
  2. After about 5 minutes,  the surface of the milk should become frothy. 
  3. Sift flour and salt into a large bowl.
  4. Melt the margarine and let it cool.
  5. Mix the margarine, the rest of the sugar, egg, lemon peel, allspice and ginger in a medium bowl until fluffy.
  6. Then mix in the yeast mixture; add to flour mixture, combining to make a soft dough.
  7. Cover the mixture and then let it rise in a warm place for 20 minutes.
  8. Separate dough into golf-ball-size pieces.
  9. Flour your hands and shape pieces of dough into balls.
  10. Roll balls into 16-inch (40-cm) lengths; form into pretzel Christmas wreath.
  11. Let stand 15 minutes on a floured board.
  12. Heat oil for frying to 360°F (180°C) in a deep-fryer
  13. Place pretzels into the hot oil and fry until crisp and golden all over.
  14. Drain on paper towels

    Deep-fried pizza Christmas Trees

    Usually, pizza is already cut into the perfect shape for  Christmas trees! Order a pizza from a store and deep-fry it or, craft a pizza from scratch. Here’s how: 


    • 2¼ cups milk
    • 50g/3.5 tablespoons butter
    • 25g/2.7 tablespoons fresh yeast (or 2 x sachets)
    • 1kg/8 cups flour
    • One egg
    • One teaspoon sugar
    • Two tablespoons salt
    • Sunflower oil (for frying)


    1. Add milk to a frying pan on the stove and turn the stove and heat to medium. 
    2. Don’t let the milk boil! Add butter and stir until the butter is melted down. 
    3. Pour ½ a glass of warm water into the yeast and mix it until it dissolves.
    4. Take a mixing bowl and add the flour and one egg, then mix it in.
    5. Then take the water and yeast combination, then mix it through as well.
    6. Add the rest of the dry ingredients.
    7. Thoroughly turn the mixture. Add the milk and butter mixture into the flour and stir until it soaks through.
    8. Start binding the ingredients using your hands, making sure to gather all the flour and add it back in.
    9. Next, take the dough out of the bowl and place it onto a wooden board where you can work into Christmas tree shapes. 
    10. Heat oil for frying to 360°F (180°C) in a deep-fryer
    11. Place dough into the hot oil and fry until crisp and golden all over.
    12. Drain on paper towels
    13. Decorate with your choice of cheese, sauce, pepperoni, meats, or any other pizza topping. 


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