Homemade DIY Pool Toys 

California is known for extreme temperatures, especially in the summer. Summers in California can reach up to 83.3°F on average but can get way hotter on certain days. The heat can be enjoyable, but intense sunlight can cause damage to the skin, respiratory system, and immune system. Needless to say, it is vital for your health and happiness to keep it cool this summer. We all know a great way to stay cool is to enjoy a quick dip in the ocean, or in your pool. However, this summer you can do more than just take a fast splash in the water, take your water experience to the next level. There are some DIY pool toys and activities theLAShop will know you’ll love!! 


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Tiny toy sailboats are fun and easy to make. Whether you’re playing in a large pool or splashing around in your bathtub these tiny sailboats are a pleasure to race and watch float across the water. They can be made from wine corks, empty bottles, or sponges. Simply attach a rope to your boat and or a large sail to catch the wind. 



Step 1: Wrap 3 wine corks with two rubber bands.

Step 2: If you plan to race your toy boat in a creek or lake, attach a length of cotton string to keep your boat from floating away. However, if it does happen to float off, it is   made from natural materials that will break down and decompose.

Step 3: Insert a toothpick into the middle cork (in between the two rubber bands) to form the mast. Add a cardstock sail by threading it through the toothpick, as shown. 

Water Sponges Toys

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Sponges make the perfect pool toys because they can easily be cleaned and are water-resistant. When not in use they can be squeezed out and dried until you’re ready to use them again. Sponge toys can be made at home with a few simple cuts and folding. 

Step 1: Cut 3 small sponges into thirds. Tie them together with a zip tie or string. 

Step 2: Fasten the sponges as tight as possible. Attach other pieces to make odd, and creative shapes    

Slip and Slide

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A slip and slide can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Slip and slides are fun backyard games that don’t require many materials.  

Step 1: Use the pool noodles to create the frame of the Slip ‘n Slide and then wrap the edges with the heavy-duty roll of plastic.

Step 2: Use the Velcro to enclose the plastic around the pool noodle so that it does not open.

Step 3: Once the body of the Slip ‘n Slide is enclosed, run a sprinkler hose next to the slide so it gets nice and wet for you to begin your backyard water activity!

Play Marco Polo 

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Forget Marco Polo who was the first European to reach China. In America, if it’s June, July or August, Marco (Polo!) is the king of the pool. “Marco” catches other players based on their reply to his call, and there’s no adrenaline-like daring to be the fish out of the water! Just like tag, only in water and with your eyes closed, how many hours did you spend playing this easy but exciting pool game as a kid?

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Enjoy the Summer with TheLAShop 

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Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

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