Stay Cool This Summer with These Items

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Everyone knows that Los Angeles summers are some of the hottest seasons in the nation. Temperatures in California can reach well above 93°F and can become very sticky and very humid. Though we all love a good beach day, it is nearly impossible to visit every day so we have to find other ways to cool off. We at theLAShop understand what it means to need to cool off in the summer, that’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite products that’ll help you keep cool this season!!

Use a Fan

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Air conditions are inconvenient, expensive, and bad for the environment. Our multi-directional fans are height adjustable and can move air up to 33ft away at 3 different wind speeds. The tiny but powerful fan can be placed on your desk, or at standing height in the middle of the room. The 4 sturdy blades improve air quality and air circulation by moving the air at high speeds and remove smudginess.   


Our Fan Collection

Each Floor or  Standing Fan features 4-5 deep-pitched blades to centralize the wind and a spiral grill to help move the air up to 33 ft, 3 wind speeds setting, accelerating the airflow to improve indoor air circulation

Shade Your Outdoors

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You should be able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces without burning up or getting sun damage. As we discussed, temperatures in California can get pretty high and this can do heavy damage to the skin. In fact, Fresno, Los Angeles, and Sacramento are all cities that can do terrible damage to your skin, even if you are wearing sunscreen. This is because Los Angeles, in particular, is surrounded by mountains, which trap pollutants in the atmosphere that can get on your skin. 


Our Sun Shade Sails

Cover your entire patio, garage, car, or pool with our weather resistant, sturdy sun shade sails! These UV ray blocking sheets are light weight, rust, and mildew resistant! Get yours today!

Cover your patios, backyards, decks, balconies, and gardens to keep the areas cool. You can even hang a sunshade over your pools and hot tubs to keep the water in your play areas at a reasonable temperature.    

Use a Patio Umbrella

A patio solar umbrella is a great addition to any yard or outdoor area. Our sun-powered umbrella can be tilted in multiple directions as the daylight travels the sky. This sturdy and convenient umbrella can also be used in the evening and the night because the LED lights can create a romantic atmosphere. 


Our Umbrella Collection 

Check out our Solar Powered LED Patio umbrellas! Enjoy your outdoor space anytime of the day with the perfect patio set! 

Show Cone Ice Shaver  

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The key to cooling down is chilling from the inside out. Nothing beats a delicious snow cone on a hot summer day. Give that ice machine a break and purchase a professional snow cone/ ice shaver for your next party. It is time to come outside and enjoy life again. Never run out of ice for your next gathering- great for children and adults alike.


Our Ice Shaver Collection

Never run out of ice at a party ever again! Our counter top ice shavers will help you cool down this summer! Regardless of the crowd! 

Trampoline Sprinklers 

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Turn your trampoline into your personal outdoor water park! Keep kids active all day without worrying about getting overheated with this sprinkler water hose! The 39 ft trampoline fits any 12 ft trampoline set, regardless of shape. It can be easily assembled without the use of tools or extra attachments.  


Our Trampoline Accessories

This year, bring the amusement park home to you! With our trampoline accessories you can enjoy the summer and get your exercise at the same time! 

What is the LA lifestyle?

Los Angeles is known for our sunshine, fashion, and staying up to date with the latest modern trends. Living the Los Angeles healthy lifestyle is easier than you think. You simply have you find your tribe and go with it! Whether you’re interested in lifestyle pets Los Angeles, the yoga lifestyle of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles fitness lifestyle, or the luxury lifestyle in Los Angeles we have the merchandise for you! Check out our inventory and get a taste of the hip and trendy Los Angeles lifestyle! 

Enjoy the Summer with TheLAShop 


We have a lot to be thankful for this year. In 2021, it is more important than ever to spend time with the ones we love. Connect with your family and friends virtually this year. 

Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

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