When you are ready to open your own tattoo parlor, there are several reasons that you should purchase a tattoo kit, instead of buying each piece individually.  The main reason is that a kit offers you everything you need to start creating art for your clients.  They come with a supply of disposable needles, each individually wrapped, so you do not have to worry about endangering your clients by using a needle on more than one person.  They also come with a supply of ink and ink cups, so you can put the amount you need in a cup and not have any cross-contamination between different clients.  You also get practice skin, grommets and rubber bands, so you will be able to start earning money before you have to purchase new supplies.

 Save money by purchasing a Tattoo Kit

When you purchase a tattoo kit, you will also save money.  This is because, instead of purchasing each item as an individual purchase, you will get everything you need to start creating art for your clients.  Each part of our tattoo kits is packaged together, so you get enough needles, ink and supplies to create up to 50 tattoos before you have to order more products.  This allows you to start making money before you have to invest any more cash into your business.  It is also a great way to make sure that every artist in your shop has their own gun and supplies, avoiding the problems of sharing equipment.  Having more than one kit also eliminates the wait time for clients, which can occur when artists have to share a single gun or set of inks.

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