How to Keep Your Business Profitable During These Changes

The past few months have introduced us to a new way of life. Unfortunately, these changes have negatively affected many businesses. Though some businesses were forced to temporarily close down, others are finding new ways to operate. TheLAShop supports small businesses and is here to help you find new ways to work. 

Retail: Curbside Pickup 

Customers may not be allowed to enter your retail store but that doesn’t mean you can’t serve them. Curbside pickup is a great option for many small business owners. It entails customers calling ahead, placing an order, and picking up the items at the store. This is beneficial to both the customer and the business because it is a convenient way to operate while adhering to your state’s guidelines. Here is what you’ll need: 

Setup a popup display outside of your store. This is a great way to stay organized and handle transactions without allowing anyone in your place of business. 

Use a literature stand to display your company’s pamphlets, coupons, magazines, and advertisements. 

If you or an employee are going to be standing outside for a long period you’re going to need something to protect you from the sun. Use a large umbrella to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.    

Restaurant Service

Most restaurants have employed delivery services during this time. However, the delivery service can become very stressful and it could be easy to get overwhelmed. Here are some useful tools that can help with your business. 

Between deliveries keep food warm with a freestanding food warmer.  

Keep menus clean with a quality menu cover. These should be wiped down daily with a strong soap to minimize the spread of germs. 

Advertise your services with a sidewalk sign. Be sure to write your restaurant's telephone number on the sign so your guests know how to place orders.  


Gyms are expected to be one of the last businesses to reopen as it is very difficult to keep your distance in the confined area. This doesn’t mean you have to lose much business. Consider training your clients virtually using Zoom, Skype, or any other live streaming service. Your clients will appreciate it you helping them stay active. You don’t need much to film a successful live streaming show, just a smartphone or PC with a camera. 

TheLAShop Will Help You Get Back to Business  

States are slowly starting to open back up. In the meantime, keep your business afloat by adjusting your strategy. TheLAShop has everything you need to properly operate during these difficult times. Check out our inventory and learn how we can help.