California. The Land of Milk and Honey bordering the Pacific Ocean. Everyone knows that stars are born and dreams are made in the Golden State, but California also boasts some of the most beautiful nature and waterways in the country.

And this state sure doesn’t fall short when it comes to places to paddle board. California has some of the best locations to SUP in the world. From lakes and reservoirs to bays and caves, paddle boarding adventures abound in California.

So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in California and asking yourself: “what are the best places to paddle board near me?” We have done the research and compiled the ULTIMATE California Paddle Boarding Guide. Discover epic locations, explore famous waters, and paddle with diverse marine life. Here are the best places to get in the water and SUP California.

Malibu, LA

Celebrity homes and breathtaking beaches. Malibu is the picture everyone thinks of when talking about California.

These beaches are often associated with surfing, however, there is plenty of space for paddle boarders as well. The swell is generally on the more mellow side of things with no more than 3-4ft in the summer, and weeks of flat water in the winter.

Start paddling from Escondido Beach and head north up to Paradise Cove. This offers you an easy launch over a kelp-filled sea bed, meaning the water tends to be calmer and safer - perfect for getting the basics down.

Why not give SUP surfing a go while you’re here? Latigo Point is the beach you need to get to with a more consistent wave forming. Just remember your surf etiquette while waiting in the line-up! Even on a flat day, this is a stunning location for some gentle paddling to soak up the sun.


Redondo Beach is a hugely popular place for SUP lovers to gather and share their passion. If you enjoy a social paddle with a crowd of like-minded people, then this is the spot for you.

The sea of people that are typically here makes this an excellent spot for beginners. Check out the information and maps provided on the beach that clearly marks the beginner-friendly zones, and areas that are best left to the more advanced paddler.

There are rental shops available to organize gear and lessons, if required.


Hop on a ferry and get over to paradise. Catalina Island is only a 1-hr fast ferry ride away. There is something for everyone on this island with a variety of SUP locations to choose from.

Those looking for a relaxing paddle should enjoy the scenery and marine life at Avalon Harbor. Over on the west coast of Catalina Island is an area perfect for a dose of adrenaline with waves rolling through that are ideal for SUP surfing.

Catalina Island is simply breathtaking and should be on everyone’s ‘must-visit’ lists.

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