Cat and Dog Flea Shampoo  

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In the spring and summer times, hygiene becomes more important, not only for us, but for our pets as well. A dirty, summer pet can be smelly, but they can unfortunately drag the smell into your home. Even worse, spring and summer seasons are perfect conditions for infectious insects to breed. If you don’t protect your pets, insects will attach to them and infest your home. This can quickly become a huge problem, especially if you have children. TheLAShop is here to help you beat the fleas, ticks, and other random tiny infestations. 



Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe    

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 Making your own dog shampoo is simple, fun, and you can customize it to your liking. Most of the time, you can make your own pet shampoo with the ingredients in your own home. Our homemade dog recipe is perfect for any fluffy friend. Ingredients for your homemade dog wash includes: 

  • Water 
  • White vinegar 
  • Dawn Dish Soap 

Dawn Soap   

natural flea killer bath for dogs, thelashop

Dawn Soap is the most important ingredient to your soap because it kills fleas and tricks while other brands do not. Dawn Soap is also known to be safe for animals and children alike. Dawn has the ability to remove grease and grime from birds and other animals.  Fleas have exoskeletons that allow them to float in water, explains Dr. Reeder. “Dawn (and other soaps like it) creates a kind of surfactant, or surface tension, that will compromise the exoskeleton and make adult fleas sink,” he says. So essentially, the soap drowns the fleas, but Dawn is one of the most gentle. 


  1. Using a clear squirt bottle, add equal parts of vinegar, dish soap, and water depending on the size of your container.
  2. Prepare a warm bath for your dog.
  3. Let the dog soak so that all of his/her hair is completely wet.
  4. Apply the shampoo and lather the dog. Be careful to avoid getting the shampoo in their eyes or mouth.
  5. Scrub well where fleas are hiding.
  6. When you see dead fleas in the water, it’s time to rinse the soap out.
  7. Repeat the washing and rinsing process until you see no more fleas in the tub when you rinse, paying close attention to their head because fleas will try to escape there.

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Enjoy the Fall with TheLAShop

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We have a lot to be thankful for this year. In 2021, it is more important than ever to spend time with the ones we love. So connect with your family and friends virtually this year. 

Many statewide restrictions are put in place to keep us healthy and protected. Though this change may take some time to adapt to, it does not mean that we still can’t enjoy our current lives. Spend this time safely with your immediate families, and appreciate the time you have together. 

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