How To Create a New Normal for Your Family 

The world has seen some unexpected and dynamic changes in the past few months. Many of us have had our lives changed completely and we are forced to adjust to new ways of living. Depending on your state, you may be experiencing business closures, school shutdowns, social distancing orders, and even protective attire requirements. These times can be very confusing for adults but can be even worst for children. In this article, we will be discussing how you can get your family adjusted to the New Normal. 

How To Talk To Your Children About the New Normal 

Child psychologists have reported that children survive best in established environments that follow balanced routines. They can also very sensitive and can feed off the energy around them, particularly from their parents. Take control of how your children perceive this global emergency and talk to them before they receive outside information that may scare or upset them. 

When talking to your children, be sure to:

  • Allow your children to be open and honest with their feelings. Validate your child’s frustrations and confusion. 
  • Understand that the loss of social activities such as school, playdates, and extracurricular activities can be difficult for a child to understand. 
  • Share your own experiences and difficulties without scaring or making your children feel guilty. 

Questions that you should ask your children should include: 

  • How are you feel about the crisis?
  • What activity do you miss most?
  • How do you feel about our new routine?

How To Help Your Children Adjust To New Routines 

Keep your children on track by creating a routine. This routine should mimic regular school hours, meaning that children should wakeup and go to bed just as if it were a normal school day—separate time for chores, school work, exercise, playtime, and family time. Post the schedule in a common area so that children can anticipate their day. Plan activities to beat the boredom. Here are some ideas. 

Create Fun and Fashional Face-Coverings. 

Use a digital heat transfer press machine to create fun and individual face-coverings that will reflect your own personal style. Allowing your child to design their face-covering will not only encourage them to wear it but allow them to express themselves as they do so. 

Exercise Daily. 

Incorporate exercise into playtime with an indoor basketball hoop or exercise routine! During this time where most of us are staying at home, it is important to remember to exercise. Unhealthy habits can quickly develop and cause future issues. 

Play Education Games.

A WinSpin prize wheel can be used to teach children English, math, science, and even history. The interactive wheel works perfectly with visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic learners. Take a look at our educational kid’s games you can play with a prize wheel

Limit Media Intake.

There is a lot of information out there. Limit your child’s access to the news or social media as certain headlines and rhetoric can be frightening or confusing. Instead, encourage your children to talk to family and close friends. 

Take Care of Your Family This Summer

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