8 Ways to be More Sustainable in an Apartment 

In 2020 we can save money and the environment at the same time. 

The push toward more sustainable living has gained more steam in the past few years due to the rise of pollution and the threat of global warming. Nowadays, many of us live in smaller dwellings or apartments. Though some sustainable techniques are unavailable to us, there are many creative and straightforward tips for more sustainable apartment living.

Use Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Incandescent lighting can cost up to five times the amount of LED bulbs. This number factors in both the costs of the bulb and the total energy cost over a year. LED lights are much more efficient than other bulbs because they last longer and use less electricity. 

Create an Indoor Garden 

Bringing plants into your home will not only brighten the room but clear the air as well. When you grow vegetables or herbs in your home, you can enjoy fresh, organic produce every day. Indoor plants also keep your apartment cooler during warmer months and, depending on your plant, can be easy to maintain. 

A Water Filter 

Water bottles may be fun, convenient, and trendy, but they are not suitable for the environment. Instead of piling up tons of plastic waste, consider attaching a filter directly to your sink and additional water filters in your home. This will not only save you money on the water; it will reduce the amount of pollution that ends up in the ocean.

Repurpose Your Household Items 

Sustainable apartment living is all about creativity. Instead of throwing away old flower pots, coffee mugs, infant safe plastic toys, pictures, and other old household items use them as aquarium decorations. Recycle glass jars as storage containers and use old towels and clothes for cleaning. Before throwing out, your furniture, consider refurbishing it and get creative and use old decor as unique planters.

Unplug your Devices

Unfortunately, many home devices absorb the same amount of energy, whether they are on or off. Vampire energy is wasted, unused energy that can cost you an extra $165 per U.S household a year. At the same time, there are millions of households in the United States, which translates to billions of dollars per state every year. Unplugging y our unused electronics will not only save you money, but help reduce the power use of your entire neighborhood. 

Find Better Ways to Cool Off this Summer 

Turn off your air conditioning and find better, more eco-friendly ways of staying cool. Enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible through camping and other outdoor activities. If you choose to stay inside, however, consider energy-efficient options to air conditions, including fans and different types of air coolers.  

Change out your Wasteful Shower Head 

Larger shower heads waste more water. Consider replacing your shower heads with smaller units that don't sacrifice power or pressure. 

Keep a Stocked Fridge 

Arguably, your refrigerator is one of the most significant energy users in your apartment. Studies have claimed that your refrigerator may reflect up to 25% of your electric bill. Even if you purchase an energy-saving refrigerator, the appliance can still use most of the energy in your apartment. Keeping your fridge fully stocked will help keep it cool and save money on fuel. Dust and vacuum the back of your fridge to keep it running smoothly and from burning excess energy by overworking itself. 

Additional Tip: Automatic Touchless Sinks Are Here For 2021 

If you're looking to make your apartment more sustainable, then a touchless sink is a much needed upgrade! Not only does this sink slow the spread of dangerous germs that can get you sick, but it save money on your water bill. Find out why #1 Bathroom Upgrade you need in 2021! 

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