Sustainable Aquarium: Proven Tips on Creating An Eco-Friendly Aquarium 

aquarium, fish tank, sustainable fish tank

Your aquarium is a great way to bring a slice of nature into your home. Many aquarium enthusiasts love getting lost in the elegant movements of their fish and the whimsical waves of natural plant life but did you know this beauty can be achieved without using any artificial inclusion. Natural decorations are not only more attractive, but they provide a myriad of benefits for your aquarium. Let theLAShop detail our favorite tips on keeping and building a sustainable aquarium. Before you get started check out our guide on how to cycle your aquarium. 

Use Only Natural Decor   

fish tank, eco friendly aquarium, sustainable aquarium

Plastic and glass decor may require less maintenance, but they can be poisonous to your fish. This is because plastic fish tank decorations are sometimes covered with artificial paint that can eventually contaminate the water and poison the fish. Please check out this article about how to turn household items into aquarium decorations. 

Use Mostly LED Lights 

fish tank decorations, eco friendly aquarium, sustainable aquarium, aquarium decorations

Unless your fish or plants require special lighting, we suggest using LED lighting. This is because LED lighting, uses a lot less energy than traditional lighting. This can help you save alot of money but is also good for the environment. LED lights do not affect fish in a negative way and like other types of lighting, LED lights to provide wavelengths that are optimum for chlorophyll production and plant growth. 


Use Plants, but do not Overcrowd

fish tank decorations, aquarium decorations, eco friendly aquarium, sustainable aquarium

Typically, plants are great additions to any aquarium, however, it is dangerous to overcrowd your tank, unless you have proper lighting sources and accommodations. If you do not have proper lighting your plants will wilt and die, adding dangerous chemicals to your aquarium which can poison your fish. Plants that do not need much care such as moss balls, are amazing additives to any aquarium. 


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