2020 has been an unforgettable year so far- Halloween shouldn’t be different. Whether you’re celebrating Halloween virtually this year or getting together with a small group of friends, your costume has to be the best.

Whether you want to bring joy or spookiness to the party the spirit of Halloween is fun entertainment! TheLAShop wants you and your partner to win this year’s Halloween costume contest! Here are a few 2020 clever Halloween costume ideas to help you get started. 

10. Mulan and Captain Li Shang 

Disney’s Mulan was a much-anticipated film that broke records on September 4th, 2020! The movie tells the story of a brave young girl who disguises herself as a man to join the Imperial Amry and defend China against invaders. Though Captian Li Shang was removed from the live-action movie, many fans are portraying this power couple in memory of the animated film. 

9. Captain America and Black Widow

Superheroes are classic Halloween costumes because they are brightly colored, form-fitting, and easily recognizable. Though technically not a couple, there have been tons of fanfic and speculation about the relationship between these two. Though it may be complicated there is no doubt that they love each other and make a great team. 

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8. Physical Distancing Barbie and Ken 

Take physical distancing rules to the next level with these in the box Barbie and Ken costumes! Look your best, but stay safely behind a face screen and at a far enough distance from the crowd with this clever and cute couples Halloween costume.  

7. Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins 

We can’t say 2020 without thinking about the epic documentary that swept the world by storm, Tiger King. Tiger King became super popular due to the wild antics of two of the main characters Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins. Known for their crazy sense of fashions and eccentric personalities, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskins are easily recognizable and fun characters to play this holiday. 

6. #Filter #NoFilter 

If you’re looking for a hilarious costume then consider a costume with a little bit of wit! Poke fun at social media with a #Filer #NoFilter costume! These costumes are easy to make and are sure to get a laugh from your friends and family. 

5. Kim and Kanye 

Kim Kardashian is always on the front page of every magazine and the tag on every headline, but Kanye West has also made a lot of controversies this year by running for president! Not only is the idea of the rapper becoming president funny, but the concept is also scary! 

4. Student Loans 

What is scarier than your student loans! They’re with you forever and haunt you in your sleep until they are completely paid off! Everyone can relate to this hilariously creepy Halloween costume! 

3. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ve had a Popeyes’ chicken sandwich! Earlier this year, the Popeyes’ chicken sandwich became so popular that some costumers went to the extreme to get their hands on that tasty sandwich! What’s great about this costume is that one partner has to dress up, the other just has to look like a hungry customer! 

2. Jada-Pinkett Smith, August Alsina, and + Entanglement

We’ve all heard about the explosive revelations that Jada Pinkett Smith made on her talk show The Red Table Talk about her marriage to Will Smith. She confused America by calling her experience with August Alsina “an entanglement”. Since then the term has gone viral resulting in thousands of meme, music videos, and social media posts. For this year, we’re predicting plenty of Jada and August lookalikes tied together by a rope. Get it, “entanglement”? 

1. Original Costumes

Regardless of who or what you choose to be for Halloween, save money by making the costume yourself. Using a press heat machine you can create a myriad of costumes not only for yourself but for your entire family. You can use a heat press machine professionally to start your own clothing line or personally to just customize your own looks. 

Imagine the Possibilities with a Heat Press Machine 

If you have never heard of a heat press machine you need to get on the trend! A Heat press machine allows you to customize your clothes and home goods. Imagine placing your name, brand, or pattern on your clothes or favorite merchandise. Consider creating your own Halloween costume or using your machine to start your own clothing line! 

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