How to Make a Halloween Costume for a Dog or Pet 

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For many of us, Halloween is the time of year for fun, excitement, crazy costumes, and delicious treats! There are so many reasons to love Halloween and no reason why our furry best friends should not join in the festivities! Unfortunately, our pets can’t enjoy many of the activities that we can partake in, but they can get into the spirit of Halloween with a cute costume and some specialized treats! In this article, TheLAShop will list some easy to wear, DIY costumes you can make for your animal side-kicks. 

Bat/Butterfly Wings

Butterfly and bat wings can be easily made from cloth, bent hanger, and a ribbon. More importantly, it is easy to wear, especially for the pet that doesn’t like to wear clothing. Bat/butterfly wings are lightweight and durable making them virtually unnoticeable, even to the most sensitive of pets.  


Giddyup cowboys! Make your pet a beast of burden by attaching a stuffed animal, Barbie doll, or toy on their backs! Be sure to attach a lightweight toy as to not annoy your animal.

After all, you have to learn how to tell if your pet loves you, so make their lives easier, and don’t force them to carry items they don’t want to. 


Classy Party Guest

If your pet refuses to wear clothing then consider getting them a fancy bow tie or dress! Simply, but securely attach a doll’s outfit, dress, or bow tie to the front of the collar of your pet. The lighter the material the better. Attempt to buy your pet’s costume at your local toy store or use baby clothing instead. Our options are limitless when you shop at the child’s section of your favorite store! 

Hat N Cape

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Most pets, don’t mind wearing a cape because they hardly realize that it’s even there! You can make a cape yourself from a scarf or sheet of fabric or you can buy one from the toy store. In general, capes are usually made from thin material, so that it doesn’t weigh the animal down. 

Ruff Bader Ginsburg


If your pet doesn’t mind wearing a wig, why not have him or her honor the memory of the late Supreme Court Justice associate Ruth Bader Ginsburg! This costume is easy enough to make, using a doll’s wig, cloth smock, and paper doilies. 

Dyed Skeleton or Animal Patterns 


If you have a fluffy pet, then a great dye job could be all you need! A recent trend among pet owners is using pet-safe dye to create stunning designs! Make your poodle into a demonic Hades’ dog or color them like an adorable panda.

There are many different creative patterns you can use to color your pet and enjoy the holiday. 

Stick on a Hat

Some people say -that an outfit is not complete unless you have the right hat! If you have a furry pet, attach the hat with a barrette or hairpin; if your pet is hairless use a piece of tape for temporary attachment. 

Stuffed Body Costume

Another huge trend among pet owners is attaching the body of a doll underneath your animal’s collar. Nothing beats the way the doll’s arms giggle when your pet runs and enjoys themselves. To make one of these outfits, all your really need is a lightweight doll or puppet you can attach to your pet. Let the photo shoot begin! 

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